About us

We are a group of likeminded individuals that love to collect and procure unicorn memorabilia. These unique pieces have been gathered from around the world to allow one stop shop for Unicorns!

We are located in Ottawa, Ontario steps from the Parliament Building. We have been in business for the last 23 years providing one off Unicorn items to the Ottawa local community. We have gathered a unique following across all Unicornites. 

We have since migrated to an online presence to allow us to reach the world supporting Unicornites across the Globe. 

We are a team that includes:

  • Bogdan Matu
  • Jas Singh
  • John Fish
  • Prianka Siva
  • Tanya Leung
  • Wallis Stagg
  • Lalith Rallabhandi

You can reach as at any of the 4 Shopify offices - or if you have magic powers can find our shop downtown Ottawa across the Parliament building if you squint.